Travel from Finland

Although Åcon has, in previous years, organized group travel from Finland, this year our members need to book their own travel. However, we do have recommendations!

Viking Line

Turku – Mariehamn – Turku

  • Thu 8.45–14.10 leaves from Turku Linnansatama, Ensimmäinen Linja, 20100 Turku
  • Sun 14.25–19.50

Silja Tallink

Turku – Mariehamn; unfortunately return trip is not available on Silja (fully booked for an event)

  • Thu 8.20-13.35

Trains to Turku Harbour


  • The morning train from Helsinki should be in Turku Harbour at 7.47.
  • The evening train to Helsinki leaves at 20.18.


  • The morning train from Tampere should be in Turku Harbour at 7.52.
  • The evening train to Tampere leaves at 20.18.


Flights from Helsinki are also an option BUT they do not necessarily fly every day. Check the airlines – there may also be COVID-19 related changes.

Travel from Sweden

There hasn’t been much interest in group travel from Stockholm in the previous years, so we will let you sort out your travel yourselves. You seem to be good at it.