The programme will be (as it has always been) a fantastic single-track experience with really serious items mixed with not at all serious silliness. There will be plenty of time between the programme items to chat with the other members (or to take a walk in Mariehamn, or do whatever else you find joyous), after all Åcon is a very relaxed con.


17.00 Welcome

Welcome to Åcon11 – finally we can meet in person!

17.30–18.30 Why do we still read the classics?

Merja Polvinen (M), Tommy Persson, Johan Anglemark, Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf
Do we still read the classics? Has classic SF aged horribly or does it still have a role to play today? Is its legacy still relevant?

19.30–20.30 Adaptations – A Rant

Marianna “Kisu” Leikomaa, Sanna Bo Claumarch
Come hear A Rant about the recent – and not that recent – trend of constantly adapting existing content! We are getting tired of seeing yet-another comic book/book series/reboot and are not afraid to say it! (Although we might even have some opinions on what we Approve…!)

21–22.30 What to Watch

Mikko Seppänen, Elisa Wiik
The Experts on all things television will tell us what’s good, what’s bad and what’s ugly about the more recent television shows. What to watch – and what not to watch!


10–13.30 Excursion to Smakbyn/Kastelholm castle

Click here for more information.

12–13 Non-book recommendations

Have you played something interesting lately? Maybe read comics or listened to a podcast? Come and recommend it to others!

13.30–14.30 Up-and-coming author readings

Mikko Rauhala, Nicklas Östervik, Sara Norja
Listen to up-and-coming authors read from their recent, possibly even yet unpublished work! Hear them before they get famous!

15–16: Animals in SF

Jani Ylönen (M), Saara Henriksson, Lucy Huntzinger, Edmund Schluessel
Animals have often been used in various speculative fictions settings. A panel of experts on both animals, SF, and the combination of both discusses the topic.

16.00 Chocolate drop off (for those who have ordered it from Mercedes)!

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16.30–17.30 Dragonlance!

Katarina Norrgård, Jukka Särkijärvi
What can be said about the classic RPG world of Dragonlance? The panelists will have a lot to say, ranging from the books to the other forms of Dragonlance – not forgetting their own experiences with the world! Have YOU seen the Russian Dragonlance musical?

17.30–19.30 BREAK

19–20(ish) Åland fandom pub meet

Come and meet the local fans! The local fandom will conveniently meet at the Adlon bar! (Yes, this unfortunately clashes with another program item.)

19.30–20.30 PhDs discuss cake

Sara Norja, Karolina Fedyk
PhDs discuss their own research and fiction writing while eating (and evaluating!) cake. (Yes, this unfortunately clashes with the pub meet).

21–22 Nevermind the BuzzAldrins

Jukka Halme
If you know what this is, you know what this is. If you don’t, well…! You will find out!

22.30–later Book of the Night

Discussion about the Book of the Night: Tasha Suri’s Empire of Sand


Cancelled! 10–12 Art excursion: Lung och ro, by Peter Winquist

12–13 Book recommendations

Some of us have had more time than usual to read in the recent years and may have discovered new (to us, anyway!) and interesting authors! Come and recommend a good book for others to read as well!

13.30–14.30 Your fandom is not better than mine!

Sanna Bo Claumarch (M), Nina Niskanen, Johan Bergman, Fia Karlsson
A panel about hierarchical structures/value systems in fandom.

15–16 Worldbuilding from alternative viewpoints

Sari Polvinen (M), Rinna Saramäki, Sidsel Pedersen
Far too often worldbuilding focuses only on religion, politics or geography. The panel discusses other methods for worldbuilding, such as fashion or food.

16.30–17.30 Juried SF awards

M.G.Soikkeli (M), Cheryl Morgan, Jukka Halme
While some SF awards (Hugo, Atorox in Finland) are decided by “the public”, there are also a number of juried awards given out every year. The panel discusses these and what their significance is.

17.30–19.30 BREAK

19.30–20.30 Nordic Horror

Marianna “Kisu” Leikomaa (M), Jesper Rugård Jenssen, Rasmus Häggblom
Nordic Horror is a unique beast. The panelists discuss what Nordic Horror is and how it might differ from other forms of horror.

21–22 AI created program titles – A Panel of Panels

Vesa Sisättö (M), Cheryl Morgan, Karolina Fedyk, Mikko Lammi, Tobias Bodlund
The panelists recreate panels, where the titles have been created by AI (or have they…?). Let’s see how many short, creative panels we can hear in just 1h!

22.30–until late Fanfiction karaoke!

Sanna Bo Claumarch
Remember Shatner Karaoke? Well, prepare for Fanfiction Karaoke! Your host will guide you through the marvellous world of fanfiction, from comedy to cringe, with you, the audience, as the narrator. Welcome!


12.00– Gripe & future con promotion!

How did we do? Should we have one of these again next year? Would YOU like to volunteer to be in the con committee?

Also: what conventions are happening in the near future? Come and tell us about them!