Data Handling & Security

Membership Data

Gathering and Storing Data

For the purpose of organizing the convention, we gather some data about our members. This data consists of answers given by the member in our membership signup form, plus the date and time when the membership was purchased.

The data is collected via our payment processor, Holvi, who will gather and store the data in their system according to regulations.[1] Access to this data is limited to those members of convention staff who need it for handling memberships or finances.

Membership information is stored in a Google Firebase database[2]. Access to the database is limited to the organizing committee, plus additional staff members if their tasks require it.

Membership data is not transferred to third parties. It is only used for organizing the convention.

Handling Data

Before and during the convention, members of the convention staff are given access to the membership data required by their specific tasks (ie. badge name, location, and other public data for printing the badges; name, badge name & membership type for registration, etc.). This data may be saved on Google Drive, access is limited to the organizing committee and people who need the data.

If the member gives consent, their name (or badge name if they prefer) is published on the members list on the convention web site and program book.

If the member gives consent, they will be added to an email list. The list is used for discussing the convention and distributing information about Åcon (and sometimes other information the organizers think will be of interest to members). Only the member’s name and email address are stored in the list settings (the name is for identifying the member’s email address later in case they have forgotten which address they used to join the list). The name is visible only to the list administrators. The member can remove themselves from the list at any time.

Payment Data

Payments are handled by Holvi. The convention staff will not handle or store any credit card, bank account, etc. data for the membership purchases.

After the Convention

The membership database is not shared with other conventions or other 3rd parties. It will be kept until up to six months after the convention. After that, only anonymized data is kept (for statistics purposes).

Holvi will retain the purchase data according to their privacy policy.

If the member asked to be on the email list, they will remain on it until they leave it themselves.

Contact Info

The person responsible for handling the membership data is Tero Ykspetäjä. If you have questions or requests, you can contact him by email.

[1] Holvi privacy policy
[2] Firebase privacy and security policy