Non-book recommendation list

Rasmus Kaj was kind enough to jot down the recommendations given during the non-book recommendation. Here is the list of recommended non-books.

Board games

  • Stellar Horizons; explore the solar system from 2040, realistic physics, designed by space physists.
  • Terraforming Mars; you play as an organization that wants to terraform Mars. Can be played solo or competitive with common goal.

Comics & Graphic Novels

  • Jannah; Swedish comic by Johan Jergner-Ekervik & Frida Ulvegren. Earth is overcrowded, Jannah is a newly discovered earth-like planet, that is being developed / exploited. Lots of hallucinations / memories etc. Part 1 hard to get, part 3 not done yet, but part 2 can be read separately.
  • Lilly the thief; Finish comic trilogy by Janne Kukkonen. In Finnish the trilogy consists of Voro: Kolmen kuninkaan aarre, Voro 2: Tulikiven armeija and Voro 3: Jumalten hauta. The first book is translated to English, French and other languages (apparently not to Swedish, though). Fantasy comic with interesting religious stuff plus fantasy adventure.
  • Orbital; Belgian comic by Sylvain Runberg (writing) and Serge Pellé (illustration). Translated to English, Swedish and many other languages (apparently not to Finnish, though). Galaxian sci-fi adventures, kind of of like Valerian, but modern and more focus on the long story arc. Great aliens, concepts and so on.
  • Ōoku: The Inner Chambers; Japanese comic in 19 volumes by Fumi Yoshinaga. Translated at least to English and French. Alternative shogun history. A disease kills male people, interesting gender stuff happens.

Computer and console games

  • Chrono Trigger; japanese computer rpg. Time-travel story. Play the first two hours, they are worthwile even if you don’t play the entire very long game.
  • Disco Elysium; very different; dialogue heavy, more like reading a book. The game is written and designed by Estonian novelist Robert Kurvitz. Very replayable by playing with different stats. Nominally a cyber-punk detective game, but you can ignore the detective parts. Available for most platforms (even Macintosh).
  • Nier: Automata; kind of open world in different modes. You play robots on earth while the humans are on the moon. Great music, many different endings.

TV shows

  • BritBox (streaming service) was talked about, seems great, but the version you can get in the nordic countries lacks Doctor Who and science fiction in general.
  • Cowboy Bebop (Japanese anime-tv-series from 1997–1998, available now on Netflix, 26 episodes with a proper ending) and Cowboy Bebop (US live-action version from 2021, available on Netflix, 10 episodes). The animated highly recommended. Good SF! There is also a new live action version, curiously in the special visual style of the animation, that is also good.
  • Peacemaker; on HBO Max. A character from the movie The Suicide Squad (which is based on characters in DC-comics) got their own show. Superheroes, but good SF as well.
  • Raised by wolves; on HBO Max. Weird tv series. First two episodes directed by Ridley Scott. Two androids start a new world for humans. Starts as good SF story, but flips out totally. Second season gets better? Good acting, science doesn’t make sense, explicitly religious.
  • Snowpiercer; on Netflix. Based on the movie with the same name, which was based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette. First 1½ season very strong, murder mystery and economic critique. Three seasons + maybe more coming (the movie is quite different, politically and otherwise).
  • Station Eleven; on HBO Max. Based on novel by Canadian author Emily St. John Mandel. Single season with ending.
  • Sweet Tooth; on Netflix. A big disease, many children are born looking partially like animals, other people die. Dark horror settings, but a kind of light fun feel-good story. Based on comic book with the same name by Canadian artist and author Jeff Lemire.
  • Tribes of Europa; on Netflix. German post­apocalypse. Some tribes speak German and other English.
  • The War of the Worlds (BBC) and War of the Worlds (Fox & Canal+, available on Disney+ at least in Finland). Very different, one faithfull to the book and set in early 1900s, the other is a modern/future parallell. Interesting to compare.

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