Excursions! Chocolate! (and Covid 19)


We are planning a Friday excursion to Smakbyn, with a guided tour and a tasting of their fine liquors. There will be a bus to take us there. The tour & bus will be 47euros/person. There’s also a possibility to join “just” the bus for 10 euros and visit the Kastelholm castle & prison museum instead of Smakbyn (museum admission must be paid separately at the museum).
The bus will leave at 10 and return at 13.30.

The devil peeking out of an egg in the art garden Lugn och ro.

The art excursion has unfortunately had to be cancelled because of health reasons.

The Saturday mini-excursion will be something new. Those of you who have been to Åcon before probably remember Mercedes and her chocolaterie. Mercedes’ husband Peter Winquist is a renowned ceramist and together they have created an art garden called ”Lugn och ro” (translates in English more or less to ”Peace and quiet”). A guided tour of the garden takes 1–1 1/2 hours and costs 15 €. The guiding is done by Peter and includes coffee or tea and some of Mercedes’ chocolate goodies. No more than 22 people can attend and we need a minimum of 8 people to be able to arrange this.
The excursion will leave at 10 and will return by 12.30.


Mercedes has turned her chocolate magic towards gluten free and vegan products. All her chocolate delicacies are now free of milk, soy, gluten and egg. Mercedes does no longer have a big shop to visit, but she has a webshop and has kindly agreed to deliver orders to Åcon on Friday at 16.00 (between program items, conveniently). So, if you would like some of Mercedes new chocolates take a look at https://mercedesstudio.com/#/Products and when you email or message her your order make sure to mention that this is an order to be delivered to Åcon. You will be able to pay for your order by card at delivery. NOTE: If you are attending the art excursion you will be able to pick up and pay for your order during the excursion. NOTE 2: You must place your order by May 18th at the latest.


As there will be quite a few of us at Åcon, and the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, we are kindly asking people to behave responsibly. We recommend taking a home test before starting your journey, just to be on the safe side! There is no mask mandate in place in Finland anymore, but if you wish to wear one to the convention, you of course can. We will be emptying the program room between each item and airing it out. Also, if you do fall ill and get a positive test result during/immediately after the convention, it would be great if you could let the con committee know – but of course we cannot force anybody do this. And, y’know, don’t show up if you’re not feeling well.

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