No GoH on Åcon 11

Dear members, valued Åconites,

It is the third year of Åcon 11.

Unfortunately, our Guest of Honour, Tasha Suri, who originally agreed to
come to the convention in 2020, will not be able to make it. The committee
extend our thanks to Tasha for carrying the torch this far.

Assuming we can safely arrange the convention in May, our current plans are
to arrange an Åcon without a Guest of Honour. The key part of Åcon – both
when it comes to socialising and the program – has always been its members;
together, we make the convention what it is.

If you, as May draws nearer, feel that you can’t safely attend Åcon this
year, let us know and we will transfer your membership to Åcon 12 instead,
no questions asked.

See you in Mariehamn.


Johan Jönsson, for the committee

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