Prågram for ÅcOnline 2021

Welcome to ÅcOnline 2021! We will, again, be meeting in Zoom — the link will be sent a few days before the actual event on the 13th of May. Please note the times are Åland times, so UTC+3.

We have some light program for you this year. No GoH appearances this time, since we do want to save something for next year when we will be able to meet again! (Hopefully…). So the main purpose of this gathering is to see each other and to remind ourselves that the Åcon community is very much alive! In addition to the scheduled program, there will be opportunities to just hang out and chat, so grab a beverage and join us!

18.30 “Opening” & informal chat

19—19.45 Book recommendations: For some, the past year has been prime time for reading! We’d like to hear recommendations based on books/comics you’ve read this year! Quick & snappy recommendations, please, so we can hear as many as possible during the time we’ve got! 

20—20.45 Quiz! This year’s Åcon Quiz Covid Online Edition will have a slightly different flavour, not a battle of knowledge on genre fiction and the like, but its fans. Oh yes, dear members, a fandom quiz in the truest sense of the word. Join us for an online zoom-in (pun intended) on the people that make this tiny demilitarized get-together go round!

21—21.45 BotN Discussion about this year’s Book of the Night (Lisa Goldstein: The Red Magician).

Chatting etc

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