Virtual Åcon this Saturday!

This Saturday, June 13th, we are doing a small, digital get-together, a virtual Åcon, a kind of beta version of the real Åcon 11. Our Guest of Honour, Tasha Suri, will read and do a short Q&A, we’ll hang out, do a panel and a quiz, and discuss the Book of the Night, Suzette Haden Elgin’s Native Tongue.

We will be using YouTube for the GoH talk/reading and Zoom for the rest of the programme items and general socialising. The YouTube part will be open to everyone and can be reached through the link in the programme below. The programme items on Zoom will be for members only and all members have been emailed the Zoom link.

The programme is as follows:
(Note: the times are in Finnish local time, that means starting time is 14:00 in Sweden and 1PM in the UK.)
15:00–15:10 Opening
15.30-16.30 GoH talk/reading (available to members and everyone else too through YouTube)
17:00–18:00 Quiz
18:30–19:30 Squee!
20:00–21:00 Book of the Night

In between, we socialise over Zoom.

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