Åcon 11 has been postponed

Dear members, fellow Åconites,

Due to the currently ongoing pandemic and the measures taken to slow its spread, we are postponing Åcon 11. It will instead take place in 2021, having travelled in time to welcome you at a more auspicious date.

We could have waited, made the decision closer the convention, but honestly, having spent some weeks following the evolving situation, listening to epidemiologists and public officials in both Finland and Sweden, our conclusion is that the chances of the situation having stabilised in May seem very slim indeed. It’s not just a question of whether we would be legally permitted to hold the con in May, but whether we could do it in a responsible manner.

We need to spare everyone involved the unnecessary work and costs. Adlon, our hotel, will take a financial hit. We need to let them know and plan. We want to avoid our members paying for non-refundable travel at a time when the committee don’t believe it will be possible to arrange a convention.

Fortunately, we have few costs we can’t recoup. Åcon 11 will still take place. It will just have to be in 2021 instead. The same convention, the same members, the same Guest of Honour. The Ascension Day weekend next year is 13 May to 16 May. We hope that you’ll remain a member of the convention and that we will see each other next year, but if this doesn’t work for you and you want your membership refunded, please let us know at acon-shop@fandom.fi.

We’re grateful to Adlon and Ålandhotels for quickly helping us move to a new date. If you have booked a hotel room at Adlon, please contact the hotel to cancel your booking.

As for the immediate future, we will arrange for some of the programme to take place online and our Guest of Honour, Tasha Suri, has agreed to participate. It’s not the same thing. The same thing, however, remains out of our grasp for the time being, and our plans now are intended to allow us to briefly come to together, albeit at a distance. We will reach out to you with more details.

Take care, wash your hands, and support those in need of support.

This, too, shall pass.

Johan Jönsson, for the Åcon committee

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